Great Rewards

Youth Clubbing = Great Rewards

Consider an opportunity to reach out to your community, to enlighten children, and inspire them to develop gardening and landscaping skills, learn flower design, learn to protect and nurture the environment through hands- on projects and activities that make kids smile. Enriching the learning of kids in these directions can be the beginning of lifelong interests and opportunities. That’s a reward right there and it can be theirs and yours!
Youth Clubs members, ages 5 – 18 in New Jersey, like Youth Clubs across the nation, work together, or are divided into age groups. Many of the clubs are school based, after school programs. Others are associated with other environmental groups, scouting groups, or community nature or civic environmental programs. Whatever their connection, if any, they are registered as a NJ and National Youth Club and are guided and have the benefits associated with these major associations.
The National and State Garden Club furnish guidelines, suggestions and assistance. Your State Youth Chairman alerts local clubs about programs and opportunities for participation such as the Poetry, Essay and Sculpture Contests and The Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl Poster Contests that are all National sponsored programs. The NJ State Garden Club Flower Show, has a Youth Division which this year included eight local Youth Clubs, eighty- eight children and 131 entries. It was a fabulous show and the Youth exhibits were terrific! There were blue, red and yellow ribbons won by many very happy Youth Club members! All Youth groups are encouraged to take part in these exciting National and State activities.
As a Youth leader, the sky’s the limit with gardening, landscape and flower designing, nature and environmental projects that you can pursue with your club. Usually, your interest can inspire and enrich the children in your charge. Note the word YOU. It can all happen only if YOU get involved and start or start up again, a Club. You have so much to offer with your expertise in these areas. Working with another garden club member or two and your children, can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Kids will love joining a club and learning so many fun things with their friends, and so will you.
To register a club, submit the Registration Form found on the top of the Youth page, or the Forms/Downloadable documents page of this website.