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GCNJ Announcements




Free! Flower Show Workshops at Holly House!!

September 24, Tuesday and September 25, Wednesday.  A free, two-day  workshop will be held from 10 am to 2:30 pm at Holly House.  Schedule writing, staging, horticulture, design and botanical arts will be offered.  Advance registration is required.  Deadline for registration is Friday, September 13, 2019. CLICK HERE for Registration form. Wednesday afternoon session, BOTANICAL ARTS, is now CLOSED! If you would like to be on the waiting list to potentially open another session, please contact Teddie Falcone.

Youth and Awards Workshops at Holly House!!

September 26, Thursday. Free workshops starting with Youth at 10-11:00 am and Awards from 11-12:00pm.  Learn how to start a new youth group, share project ideas, discover NGC competitions in poetry, essay, sculpture and poster contests. Contact Onnolee Allieri  to register for Youth by Sept. 13.

“Paths to Discovery through Learning Centers” Presentation

September 27, Friday.  A free presentation by Teddie Falcone, chair including a walk through the gardens to envision the possibilities! CLICK HERE for Registration form.

2019 Garden Study Course II

October 1-2, optional exam October 4. Course II will cover topics such as Techniques for Growing Fruit – Tree and Small Plant Varieties, Irrigation, Techniques for Growing Vegetables, Plant Diseases & Garden Pests, The Wonders of Plants, and Lawn Alternatives. CLICK HERE for more information.

2019 CAR-SGC Conference

October 24-25, 2019.  The CAR-SGC conference will be held in Arlington, VA and is being hosted by the National Capital Area Garden Clubs.  Early bird registration ends July 15th, 2019.   CLICK HERE for more information.

2019 GCNJ Fall Conference

November 4, 2019, Monday.  To be held at the Bridgewater Marriott Hotel.  Join us for luncheon, floral designers, vendors and special recognition of our local Club Presidents. Gay Austin, NGC President will be our special guest that day.  Jane Bianco and Nancy Gahtan are co-chairs for this event.  CLICK HERE for Registration.   If your organization would like to include “sponsorship” in the program, please CLICK HERE for the Sponsorship Form.

2020 GCNJ 95th Annual Meeting 

June 4, 2020.  To be held at the Bridgewater Marriott Hotel.  

2019-2021 GCNJ President, Jeannie Geremia

My President’s Theme “Paths to Discovery through Outdoor Learning Centers”

Please accept my heartfelt thanks in bestowing this great honor of serving you as the 49thGarden Club of New Jersey President.  I will do my utmost to follow in my illustrious predecessors’ footsteps over the past 94 years, to galvanize our member clubs throughout this great state of New Jersey……. CLICK HERE for complete President’s Message.


New Jersey – The Garden State – has over 120 garden clubs and more than 5,000 members working in a variety of environments.

The Garden Club of New Jersey, Inc. (GCNJ), founded in 1925, is a federation of individual local garden clubs throughout the state. GCNJ has over 5,000 members, age 6-adult.

The Garden Club of New Jersey is the state affiliate and a charter member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., (NGC), a non-profit educational organization.

The membership of NGC is composed of nearly 200,000 members, 6,000 member garden clubs, 70 national affiliates and 300 international affiliates around the globe.

NGC is the largest volunteer organization of its type in the world.




Click Here for more information on grants that are available to your garden club.


The Garden Club of New Jersey HQ

HollyHouse-030915Holly House – Rutgers University
126 Log Cabin Road
East Brunswick, NJ

Office Telephone: (732) 249-0947
(Office Manager hours-Monday am)
FAX: (732) 249-0947
Holly House Mailing Address:  126 Ryder’s Lane, East Brunswick, NJ 08816-1331

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you would like to give us feedback or if you have any inquiries.  Thanks!

GCNJ Objectives

  • To coordinate the interests of the garden clubs within the state and to bring them into closer relationship by association, conference, and correspondence.
  • To aid in the protection and conservation of our natural resources.
  • To cooperate with other groups furthering the interests of conservation and horticulture.
  • To encourage civic beauty and roadside development.
  • To study and teach the arts of flower arranging and horticulture.
  • To raise funds to support educational, charitable, and scientific causes.

News Briefs

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The NAME of The Garden Club of New Jersey shall not be used to endorse a candidate for office, product, lecture, tour or organization except as ordered by the Executive Board of GCNJ.
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