Creating Pollinator Centers Project!

Let’s Create Pollinator Centers!

Our GCNJ Butterflies & BeeGAP Committee has laid the groundwork for our garden clubs to partner with our local garden centers/nurseries/public gardens or others in setting up “Pollinator Sections” in their venues.  The idea formed after seeing special pollinator sections in a few garden centers in Florida.  We were stymied in our efforts to see special sections devoted to pollinators here in New Jersey and it finally became apparent that our garden centers and nurseries are way too busy and always playing “catch up” to the vagaries of the weather, staffing and costs involved even though the idea appealed to them.  Hence the perfect solution presented itself and in turn was embraced by GCNJ President Susan O’Donnell and The Garden Club of New Jersey, Inc.  We have produced Pollinator signage that we designed, working with G1 Graphics, indicating Pollinator host/nectar/seed/fruit plants, trees and shrubs.   Our committee is working with a few garden centers/nurseries and using them as templates for garden clubs, garden centers/nurseries/public gardens, etc. to emulate.

We have produced six signs with photos.  The first sign indicates the “Pollinator Center” partnership/participant/s and shows NJ’s State Pollinator symbols plus the goals; second sign showcases the new NJ state butterfly, the black swallowtail; third sign for monarchs; forth sign for Eastern tiger swallowtails/great spangled fritillaries and painted ladies; fifth sign for 3 species of bees including bumble bees/honey bees and mason bees; sixth sign for birds.  Each sign indicates their specific hosts/nectar/seed/fruit/nesting site requirements.  This project will not only educate the gardening public, but garden center staff, garden club members, and schools and will produce additional business for garden centers, grow garden club membership and best of all, HELP GROW OUR POLLINATOR POPULATION!

Garden clubs and other organizations are able to purchase signs through the GCNJ Butterflies & BeeGAP Committee using the order form provided below. Our Butterflies & BeeGAP Committee has worked overtime to produce these signs that contain a comprehensive list of host/nectar/seed/fruit/nesting site plants to grow our Pollinator population.  New Jersey’s garden clubs and garden centers will be a template for the rest of the country in this WIN/WIN project.  Warren Garden Club is the first to partner with Donaldson’s Garden Center in Hackettstown, and The Garden Club of New Jersey has partnered with J & J Landscaping & Garden Center, Flemington, NJ; Hionis Greenhouses, Whitehouse Station, NJ and Van Vleck House & Gardens in Montclair, NJ.

Jeannie Geremia, GCNJ Butterflies & BeeGAP Chair, email:

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