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The Garden Club of New Jersey is offering a new award in conjunction with its newest Butterflies and BeeGap Project.  The project is ‘Creating Pollinator Centers’ and is designed to help garden clubs educate the public about the need for pollinator friendly plants by partnering with garden centers/nurseries, public/private gardens and other organizations through the use of pollinator signage created by the GCNJ Butterflies and BeeGap Committee.

A new award entitled the ‘Creating Pollinator Centers Award’ will be offered for a period of two years commencing this year.  The first award will be presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting. The award will be given to the garden club that most clearly demonstrates fulfillment of the goals of this new initiative. The recipient will receive and retain a beautiful Boehm porcelain plate depicting bees, butterflies and flora.

The GCNJ award application procedure for this award is identical to that of other GCNJ awards.  The GCNJ award application is completed and submitted to the GCNJ Awards Chair.  The deadline for application submission, for this award only, has been extended to April 15 during the current award year and will revert to February 15 during the 2017/2018 award year.  For further information, contact the GCNJ Awards Chairman, Cecelia Millea.   Email address:  cmillea@msn.com

Butterflies & BeeGAP Committe
“Creating Pollinator Centers”

Let’s partner with our local garden centers/nurseries/public gardens or others in educating the public on our very important pollinators by setting up “Pollinator Signs” in public venues.  Six signs were created and each sign indicates specific hosts/nectar/seed/fruit/nesting site requirements for butterflies, bees and birds.

Click Here  to place an order for the pollinator signs!

Go to: Club Projects, Butterflies & Beegap, Creating Pollinator Centers Project for more detailed information and for pictures of the signs.

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