Membership Dues

Dear Club Presidents and Club Treasurers:

The Garden Club of New Jersey membership dues, insurance fees and membership lists are due to the state Membership Chairman by April 15th each year. In order to be registered and insured, this deadline must be met. Therefore, your dues and fees should be mailed to the Membership Chairperson by April 15 of each year. Your timely response is greatly appreciated!

Membership dues:   $7.00 per individual member
Insurance fees:          $5.00 per individual member
TOTAL:                           $12.00 PER INDIVIDUAL MEMBER

*Please Note: Send ONE club check for the total of both club membership and club insurance fees.

Dues to GCNJ are based on Individual Membership. If a club has a husband and wife membership, you are required by the Bylaws of the GCNJ to pay $7.00 per individual. Insurance coverage is also based on each individual member.

GCNJ has moved back to Constant Contact for both communication and database contacts.  A note was sent out for clubs to utilize a specific form for DUES from the Membership chair, Ellen Preissler to facilitate uploading information easily to the system.  




Dear Friend,

The Garden Club of New Jersey, Inc. (GCNJ) has played a significant role in helping to protect and conserve New Jersey’s natural resources, as well as encouraging civic and roadside beauty. Additionally, GCNJ offers scholarships for teachers and college students to promote interest in conservation of wildlife and the environment.

The GCNJ is a federation of Garden Clubs founded in 1925 and is a charter member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. The GCNJ serves over 4,500 members throughout the state.

We hope you will take this opportunity to join GCNJ as an Affiliate Member and benefit by the following:

  • Your group will be published in our recommended program/speaker list
  • You may post announcements on our Website free of charge
  • Receive our quarterly newsletter … “News Leaf”
  • Receive a directory of garden clubs in New Jersey
  • Attend Fall Conference and the Annual Meeting
  • Attend GCNJ sponsored schools and workshops:
    Flower Show School                        Gardening Consultants
    Landscape Design School             Environmental Studies School

Affiliate Membership dues are $30.00 per year. The dues are requested by April 15th of the year. If you have any questions, please send them to the email provided below


Affiliate Member Form (pdf) – click here


Life Membership is available to members of all GCNJ clubs. A tax deductible membership fee of $150.00 supports the GCNJ Headquarters & Endowment fund and/or GCNJ Scholarship Fund. Members have preferential seating at the Annual meeting and Fall Conference and opportunity to participate in special garden tours arranged by Life Members.

CLICK HERE for the Life Membership Application (PDF)
CLICK HERE for the Life Membership Policy (PDF)