GCNJ Life Membership

GCNJ Life Membership Benefits: Life Members Will:
  1. Receive a Life Membership Card and an “Official Thank You Letter”
  2. Receive a 10% reduced fee to GCNJ schools held within a fiscal year. Meals not included in this privilege.
  3. May request special Life Membership seating at the Annual Luncheon Meeting.
  4. Purchase Life Membership Wreath-Insignia Jewelry.
GCNJ Life Membership Eligibility and Cost:
  1. Life Membership is available to all Active or Sustaining Members of all Garden Clubs of New Jersey.
  2. The cost is $100 which supports the GCNJ Headquarters/Endowment Fund and/or Scholarship Fund.
Please Note:
  1. According to IRS ruling, the $100 cost for your Garden Club of New Jersey Life Membership can be used as a charitable deduction for tax purposes.
  2. Life Membership is in addition to your Regular Club Membership. It Does Not cover either GCNJ dues or fees or the individual club dues or fees, but it does provide the benefits listed.

Please click here for further information and to access the application.

We strongly encourage you to Honor your outgoing President  and  Special Club members  with a Thank You gift of  Life Membership.

If you have any questions and/ or recommendations regarding Life Membership, please feel free to contact me.

Pam Sutton


Life Membership Chair