GCNJ Flower Show


        The GCNJ Flower Show
   April 25 – April 28, 2019

The GCNJ Flower Show is coming!

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*Special Announcement:  Photography entries (Botanical Arts Division V, Horticulture Classes, Section D, Photography) have been extended to April 15th.


Richard Biernacki
The GCNJ Flower Show General Chairman


Following several years of research, at the January 26, 2009 Executive Board meeting of GCNJ, The Nature Conservancy Category I Invasive Plant List (NJ) was adopted as the Official Invasive Plant List of GCNJ.  The Board also adopted a policy:

“…prohibiting the exhibiting of plants on the list in our Standard Flower Shows with the exception of their use in Educational Exhibits.”

This policy must be stated in the General Rules of the Flower Show Schedule (see page 307 h. in the Handbook for Flower Shows, revised 2007). Copies of the list may be obtained from the GCNJ Flower Show School Chairman and the GCNJ Judges’ Council Chairman as well as from our website.

~Nancy Gahtan, Former Invasive Plants Chairman

CLICK HERE for The Nature Conservancy’s Statewide List of Invasive Plants of Highest Concern in NJ (PDF)

CLICK HERE for The Nature Conservancy’s Skyland’s Program Invasive Species & Native Alternatives Manuel (pocket card) (PDF)